Monday evening, Thursday afternoon

Jenny Robson

Set in the fictional town of Gap Falls, where two young girls, Louise van Rensburg and Faheema Majiet, have become best friends despite their very different backgrounds. But cataclysmic events far beyond South Africa’s borders (bombings on the London Underground and an insensitive cartoon portrayal of the prophet Mohammed) serve to drive a wedge between them. When their respective families prohibit their friendship, they realise it is up to them to find a way to restore their relationship and to convince the adults of their deep emotional bond. The theme is tolerance and seeing similarities and common grounds. This novel was shortlisted for the MacMillan African Writers’ Prize. Jenny Robson has won both South African and international awards (Sanlam, M.E.R., Percy Fitzpatrick, UNESCO and Noma Honourable Mention).

Publikasie: 2013-10-01
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