Beware of the Canary

Philip de Vos
Piet Grobler
Human & Rousseau

Beware of the Canary is the topsy-turvy land of the South African rhymester Philip de Vos. Enter a world where canaries plan a bloody revenge and where turtle doves drop unexpected blobs of love from the sky on the people below. Travel by train on a journey to nowhere to a nonsense world not unlike ours where the melancholy little tortoise carries its own little coffin on its back and sad little fish fill the sea with their salty tears of fish emotion. Watch granny get flushed down a drain, cows drop from above and noses that run. Read the rhymes aloud and laugh or shed a tear, and enjoy the wonderful drawings of illustrator Piet Grobler. This book of rhymes for both children and adults should be another hit for this award winning team.

Publikasie: 2000-09-06
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